Casa Del Mar Invites Guests to Upcoming San Jose Art Walk

Casa Del Mar Golf Resort and Spa knows that the key to having an incredible vacation, no matter what time of year, is picking the perfect destination. When travelers choose a destination that speaks to their desires, it is easy for them to fill their time away with excitement and memorable experiences. For many, the ideal destination for these kinds of experiences is Cabo San Lucas, a city that not only provides a lovely tropical backdrop but is also home to some extraordinary events and attractions that have enticed visitors from all over the globe.

The fall season in Cabo is when many of the most highly recommend events in the destination are held

Casa Del Mar does not want its guests to miss any of these unforgettable attractions. In fact, to help its guests plan the time that they have to spend in Cabo this fall, Casa Del Mar would like to recommend one of Cabo’s most beloved attractions.
Casa Del Mar Golf Resort & Spa

There is no denying that one of the most attended seasonal events in Cabo San Lucas is the San Jose Art walk. This artistic evening event in Cabo only runs for eight months each year, so visitors should attend it whenever they can. The 2016-2017 season of the event is just around the corner and will begin this November. The art walk is easy to participate in, with the event being held weekly each Thursday night from 5 to 9 pm in the San Jose Del Cabo Gallery District. Throughout the district, galleries are open and showcasing their finest works. Attendees are welcome to view pieces in some mediums and style and to meet the extraordinary creators who have brought these masterpieces to life. Guests at the event can additionally purchase pieces such as paintings, jewelry, and sculptures to bring home so that they can fill their homes with memories of their travels.

Those who want to experience a taste of the eclectic arts scene in Cabo San Lucas are highly encouraged to take part in the San Jose Art Walk during any upcoming stay with Casa Del Mar Golf Resort and Spa. The San Jose Del Cabo Gallery District is lovely and lively, and in addition to providing many artistic wares and venues, is also home to a number of extraordinary dining experiences. From fine dining establishments to breweries, and with a variety of flavors available including authentic Mexican flavors, there are plenty of delicious opportunities in this district. Guests can easily follow up evenings at the art walk with a fine meal. The San Jose Art Walk is a must-attend event during upcoming stays with Casa Del Mar, and it is sure to put a special touch on any visit this fall. To learn more about the event this season, travelers can visit
Casa Del Mar Golf Resort & Spa

While staying at Casa Del Mar Golf Resort and Spa this fall, Cabo San Lucas visitors will be able to discover an endless array of astounding events and eclectic entertainment. This is one of the best seasons to visit Cabo, and those who decide to plan their upcoming stay with Casa Del Mar can find out fist hand just what magic is waiting to be discovered. Plan a visit now to enjoy events like the San Jose Art Walk before the season is over.